Disappointing News

Last Friday, Nikki made a trip to her favorite place on earth–the vet!! Well, ok, maybe it’s not her favorite place, but the staff are so sweet and kind that it totally makes up for the “torture” they put her through.


This Friday, however, we weren’t going for any shots. We went for radiograms to (I hoped) confirm pregnancy. And, we were given some very disappointing news. Nikki is not pregnant!! We had been wondering if perhaps she wasn’t, because she hasn’t developed a basket-ball-belly like she did in the last times she was pregnant. But we also speculated that she was maybe sleeping and eating more than normal, so we decided to have the vet give us a definite answer. And, the answer is No sign of pregnancy! How disappointing!


We are planning to do a rebreeding when Nikki goes into heat again, and hopefully we’ll have more success the second time around!









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