Grooming Tutorial

Hello to all!!

Just got Nikki groomed (finally) yesterday! I know I promised that my grooming tutorial would be with me and Nikki, but it just wasn’t possible to coordinate my schedule with the possible people who were willing to do my videography. Maybe some other time when life is less busy (haha–not happing)….


I’m not going to cheat you out of your grooming video! I spent a good part of Saturday night surfing YouTube for some good professional videos for you all, and here are two that I was able to find.

Pet Grooming Hand Tools for the Do-It-Yourself Groomer:

Some excellent advice from a professional groomer. I turned around immediately and order a thinning shears from Amazon (here). I haven’t been using any, and I think they would be a valuable addition to my grooming equipment. The lady who put together this video even has a website where she will post her tutorials and where you can email her your questions.

Now for an actual grooming video! Professional Dog Grooming Tips from Wahl:

This video had some awesome tips for how to position the dog for ease of access to certain hard parts when grooming, as well as the tip of pulling the skin taught when grooming (which immensely streamlines the grooming process!). There’s much more, but watch the video to find it out.

Here’s Nikki’s before and after pics from her groom!

WP_20140706_002 WP_20140706_004




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