**Grooming Tutorial Coming Soon,** But in the Meantime…

…I wanted let you know what grooming equipment I use and where I got it. That way, you can be all equipped by the time the tutorial comes out!

Grooming is very important when one owes a Cavachon (or other such non-shedding breed). I typically groom seasonally, so about 4 times per year. However, that’s not set in stone, as I often will let Nikki (my Cavachon) grow out long in the cold winter months to keep her warm, while come summer I will groom multiple times during the season to keep her cool.

Nikki's bushy, wintertime look.
Nikki’s scruffy, wintertime look.
Nikki after her summertime trim.
Nikki after her summertime trim.

If you don’t groom your Cavachon (or other such breed) regularly, here’s what you might end up with:

(Not one of Countryside Cavachons dogs)
(NOT one of Countryside Cavachon’s dogs)

You see, these types of breeds have the plus of never shedding. However, their fur also never stops growing. So, put regular grooming on your to do list, whether you do it yourself, or have it done by a professional groomer.

I had Nikki professionally groomed for many years after I got her. However, after having a bad experience at the groomer one time, I decided to try doing it myself. My equipment when I began was extremely basic–a brush and a $20 electric clippers from Walmart. Let me say right here that if you want to, it is very possible to do your grooming with just these basic items–I groomed Nikki for many seasons this way. However, when I realized that I would be grooming Nikki myself on a permanent basis, I decided to get some more professional equipment.

#1 on my list was grooming attire. Why was this my top priority? Because I was sick and tired of all those Nikki-hairs sticking to my clothing (and Cavachon fur sticks to clothing like nothing else), and I also couldn’t wait to get some waterproof clothing so that I wouldn’t get my regular clothing splashed by the bath water anymore. So, I turned to my Pet Edge catalog to “sniff out” some good grooming attire. (On a side note, I highly recommend using Pet Edge’s website or catalog for a reference when looking for good, high quality items. However, I do not buy from them but from Amazon, where I can get better deals and free shipping with my Prime account.) Here’s what I was able to find:

Grooming Attire

This is a grooming outfit from Top Performance that I found on Amazon for a pretty good price. The only downside is that you have to buy the top and the bottom separately. I love this outfit. It has a drawstring waste and a tie on the shirt as well. It’s extremely comfortable and useful–doesn’t leak a drop and not a dog hair has ever stuck to it. The only thing that is slightly quirky is that the top will slide down in the front and up in the back kind of maddeningly–probably due to where the tie string is placed. Check this out on Amazon or Pet Edge and find a color and size that fits you.

#2 on my list was a grooming table. I had been doing my grooming on the floor previously, with Nikki in my lap, and believe me I couldn’t wait to get a table with a leash on it! No more uncomfortable positions, and no more dog walking away because she had decided she wanted to be done being groomed. I found this sturdy little table on Amazon for only $80. Now, this was a good price because it included not only the table, but also the adjustable grooming “arm” and leash! Most other tables I looked at did not come with the grooming arm. This table has been such a time saver to me! For some reason it seems to calm Nikki down to be up off the ground but securely in place on a leash. She stands better to be groomed and it’s much easier to access her whole coat then when I’m holding her on my lap on the floor!

Grooming Table

#3 on was the electric clippers. After pouring over the hundreds of clipper available, I decided to go with the Oster 78004-011 Powermax 2-Speed Clippers, which I found on Amazon for only $80 at the time. These clippers have been working great. They do have a couple quirks, such as catching the dogs fur at time, but other than that they’ve been very nice. Again, I will reiterate that you can do your grooming with the $20 Walmart clippers if you’re on a budget, but they do wear out a lot faster!

Grooming Clippers

I also got this comb set for a really good price, so that I can choose to cut the fur down at different lengths (**Warning: You must buy at least one lengthening comb. Do not groom your dog with just the clippers–the length is so short it will take off all the fur down to the skin.**) Now, here’s the secret if you’re going to use the Oster clippers: You have to also get the Oster Blade Wash solution. As you are grooming, the blade gets all clogged with fur and seems to quit cutting. It’s not broken. You just have to dip the running clippers in the Blade Wash, and they go back to cutting smoothly like new.

So, there you have. My three top grooming equipment items. I recommend you to shop around for what will best fit your needs and your budget. If you’ve already been doing grooming for some time, please share your secrets and favorite equipment! I’m still learning myself!

Coming soon: A personal grooming tutorial with Nikki and me!


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