Nikki’s Boyfriend

Meet Rusty, Nikki’s new boyfriend, and the potential sire of Countryside Cavachon’s 2014 litter of puppies!


Rusty is a purebred Cavalier from Country Hills Cavaliers (similar name to us, ironically). He is about 15 pounds, with a beautiful rich ruby coloring. Although he looks very excited in this picture (wouldn’t you be excited about meeting your new girlfriend for the first time?), Rusty is generally a very calm, sweet-natured dog. He loves meeting new people, but is not obnoxiously outgoing (he won’t jump on you and lick your face). We’re very excited to have Rusty sire our next litter of puppies (and we’re hoping to get some varying coat colors in the puppies this time).

If all goes as planned, Nikki’s puppies should be born in mid-July, and will be ready to go to their new homes in mid-September.

What do you think of Rusty, and what colors are you hoping to get in this next litter? Also, how many puppies do you think Nikki will have this year?


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