Waiting List

Hello to all you Cavachon lovers!

I have some bittersweet news for you! Hudson, the last puppy from this year’s litter has now been spoken for. Bitter, in that he’s no longer available, and sweet in knowing that he’s going to an EXCELLENT family! They have two little boys who are going to love him to death, and they enjoy walking, which Hudson needs! What a good match!

But, not all hope is lost for the rest of you! We are already looking ahead to next year’s litter! “Next year?” you ask. “Aren’t you having litters of puppies all the time?” Good question, as many breeders do have many litters all time. Well, Countryside Cavachons is unique in that we aren’t in the “breeding business.” But we love puppies, and we love blessing others with them. We have one female (my pet ever since I was 14), and we have decided not to own a male dog, as this way we are able to skip cycles and have a litter only once a summer. This is much easier on the female, and it ensures that we have time to put into a litter of puppies, as we usually do in the summer. It also provides a warmer, healthier environment for the little tykes to grow up in, rather than subjecting them to the cold Minnesota winters.

But regarding next year’s litter: We are starting a waiting list for all of you who missed out on a puppy this year. Let us know right away if you’d like your name on the list. It’s totally free, and anytime I have updates I will be able to shoot you an email then. First come, first served–whoever gets back to me first will get their name on the top of the list! Just give me you name, your email address, and, if you’d like, your phone number. Perhaps you’ve already found a puppy, but know someone who is still searching. With their consent, send me their info and I’ll put them on our waiting list!

Hope to hear from you all soon, and you can be sure that I’ll keep you posted about next summer’s litter if you’re on our waiting list!


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