Hudson Week 13

Hello everyone, and specifically, Hello to Hudson’s new family, because this post is all about your little boy!

(As you all probably know by now, Hudson has been reserved for a family from North Dakota who are going to love him to pieces once they get him. They are such a good match for him!)

Well, since it’s just Hudson left here now, he can monopolize all the photos! I think I’ve got some cute ones of him this time, but you’ll have to excuse the graininess of some of the pictures–I took them last night and it was getting rather dusky out.

First, some updates on Hudson: Anyone notice anything different? How about his new blue collar? Isn’t it cute! He sports it so well! You’ll also notice the matching leash in some pictures. We have just started Hudson on his leash training! Just last night we went for his very first walk! At first he jumped around and pulled at his collar and just sat down and wouldn’t walk. But with a little patient tugging and coaxing he came along with us. By the end of the walk he was trotting along like a pro! He hardly pulled on his leash at all! What a good walking buddy he’s going to be with a little more training!

Now for the pictures. What do you think?

It’s been so hot, we tried filling up the wading pool for the dogs to keep cool in, but it had a leak. Hudson still likes to sit in the empty pool though–funny boy!
Sniff… sniff, sniff, sniff… sniiiiiffff!
“I’m lookin’ for acorns! They’re yummy!”
Crunch, crunch! Mmmmm-mmh! “Found one!”
Look at this handsome boy’s new blue collar! So cute!
Such beautiful eyes!
Here’s the matching leash!
The sun is setting, and Hudson’s getting sleepy!
This is my absolute FAVORITE! SOOOO cute!

That’s Hudson for you! What more can I say!


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