Week 11 Photos

It’s time for week 11 photos! Danny and Hudson are doing very well as usual, and I’m so proud of the progress that they’ve made in their manners and potty training.


Hudson is rambunctious and lively, and just the other day I learned that he loves to run and chase! You wouldn’t think it to look at him, since he’s so rolly-polly, but it’s good exercise for him, and I think some little boy or girl (or else some energetic adult) will find this little guy to be great fun!


Here’s Hudson. He spies some playmates! Both Hudson and Danny are having a fun time with the five kittens we have. Speaking of kittens, if you adopt Hudson or Danny, we’ll throw in a free kitten too! 🙂


This is my favorite of Hudson–the li’l’ teddy-bear! Despite being a lively wiggle-worm, Hudson is also very sweet and affectionate, and will be a loyal protector!


This is my favorite of Danny. It really portrays his calm, sweet nature. He playful, too, but much more laid back than his brother. He is also extremely intuitive, affectionate, loving, and loyal. If anyone is considering starting canine therapy work, Danny would be an excellent candidate!

Don’t wait too long! If you’d like one of these little boys to be yours, contact us right away!


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