The “Tail” of Two Coopers

Photo updates! Not of this year’s puppies, but of two puppies from last year’s litter! I asked a favor of the people that got puppies from us last year, asking them if they’d be willing to send me some recent photos of their puppies. I wanted you all to see what your dogs may look like when full grown. I got some nice photos in response!

But here’s the funny thing, the family from Pennsylvania that got Jay from us last year renamed him Cooper (or Cooper Jay). Then the family from here in Minnesota who got Kestrel from us renamed his Cooper as well. I guess Cooper’s a popular dog name! (Now don’t start getting any ideas for your puppy! Two Coopers in one “family” is enough!)

So, here’s how puppies from Countryside Cavachons look when they’re no longer puppies:

Cooper 2
Here’s Minnesota Cooper, out for a walk.

This is a testament to the truth that Cavachons do like to go for walks. That’s the beauty of this hybrid: They’re small enough to be lap dogs and come indoors and go for car rides, but they’re also big enough and hearty enough to romp and play outside and go for walks without needing a dog-stroller!

Cooper getting adjusted
Now for Pennsylvania Cooper. He actually looks like he’s enjoying his visit to the vet!
cooper playing in the snow
PA Cooper again–out playing in the snow!

Pennsylvania Cooper’s owners informed me that Cooper Jay is now 16 months old and weighs 20.1 pounds.

Both of these dogs are very beautiful–owing, I’m sure, to the excellent care they’re receiving from their owners! I’m so thankful when I get photos and updates of our puppies! And I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what your dog may turn out like!


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