Week 4 Photos

Hey there everyone! The weather is very hot here, but the puppies are enjoying spending their days out on the lawn in the shade in their little puppy pen.

We’ve gotten them on a schedule for their beginning potty training. We get them up and outside just before the rest of the family gets up (so that they’re still sleeping and haven’t starting moving around and messing their bed). Then we take them outside on the grass to go potty. Hopefully they’ll start getting used to the schedule and will start keeping their bed clean during the night (they do have newspaper in one portion, however, if they do need to go during the night). The best method for potty training is consistency! If you remember this, you won’t have any trouble potty training your puppy!

Anyway, here are the pictures for you to enjoy!

The Group Photo: All belly up!
Rio, Mackenzie, Hudson, Jordan, & Danny. 

Sweet Danny Boy. 

Cute little Hudson with his tongue sticking out!
Hudson again. 

Li’l’ Jordan was being so photogenic today! 

Jordan posing so pertly! 

My favorite of Mackenzie!  

Mackenzie relaxing in the flower garden. 

Rio teething on the rose bush. 

Rio again. 

I guess Rio got a little tired of all the picture-taking!
Which puppy do you think posed the cutest for this week’s photo shoot?


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