Week 3 Photos

My how the time flies! The puppies are already three weeks old! They had their first dish of softened food just today, they’ve been spending some time outside, and we just starting potty training! A lot can happen in just a short week!

Personalities are starting to show through as well. I’ve noticed a couple things. One, not only is Rio the biggest puppy so far (that could change), he’s also the biggest baby. I’ve also noticed that little Mackenzie is very sweet and submissive and trusting. As soon as you pick her up, she relaxes and loves to be cuddled. Even if you cradle her on her back, she doesn’t stiffen or get scared. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more little identifying personality traits in the days ahead.

But now, for this weeks photos:

Group portrait: Rio, Danny, Jordan, Hudson, & Mackenzie





An extra one of cute l’il’ Mackenzie!
Thanks for stopping by, and contact us if you’re interested in getting a puppy!


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