Week 2 Photos

Hello everyone! This is one day late, but as of Tuesday the puppies are two weeks old!

Their eyes are now open, and they’re blinking up inquisitively at the new world around them.

As you know, we’ve now named the puppies and can tell them apart, so we’re now taking individual pictures besides the group photo. We still haven’t picked up on the puppies’ different personalities, but once we know that (which should be in a week or two) will be when you can start thinking about which puppy you would like to reserve for your very own!

A few people have asked me whether it’s better to get a male dog or a female dog, and the answer is that gender does not make a difference–it should not be a factor when you’re choosing a puppy (that is, unless you have another un-fixed dog already and don’t want to bring home the opposite gender). The truth is, you have to pick a puppy whose personality matches what you want in a dog. Some males are mellow and cuddly, some females are. Some males are bouncy and boisterous, and some females are. It varies from puppy to puppy and from litter to litter, and gender doesn’t really affect it.

Just some things to think about as you contemplate adding a new member to your family. Now for the pictures from this week’s photo shoot. Enjoy!

The Group Photo:
See, their eyes are open now!
They all got sleepy, so they put their noses together and took a little nap while I took pictures. That was fine with me, as it kept them from squirming around! 🙂


Danube (“Danny”):


And Jordan (the baby):
I couldn’t resist showing you this cute picture of Hudson peeking out of his little cubby.


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