The Puppies Are Named

We’ve come up with a name theme and names for all the puppies!

The name theme is Rivers.

The puppies names are as follows: Rio, Hudson, Danube (“Danny”), Mackenzie, & Jordan! Aren’t those names soooooo cute?! We love them!

So, how do we tell the pups apart–well, that’s a little difficult, but this is how we’ve worked it out:

1. Rio is the biggest male puppy. He has very curly fur, and has a very black-spotted nose.
2. Hudson is the second biggest male. He is also curly, but has only a partially spotted nose.
3. Danny is the third in size, also with curly fur, but he has just a pink nose–no spots.
4. Mackenzie is very easy to tell apart from the others–she’s the only girl! She’s also the bigger of the only two straight-haired puppy.
5. Jordan is the smallest puppy (hence the name of a small river) and another male. He is the only other straight-haired pup.

So, you can see that even at this young age, it is possible to tell these puppies apart! What do you think of their names? Let us know!


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