Hello to all you Countryside Cavachons fans out there! I KNOW I should have updated this sooner, but….

Anyway, I have GOOD NEWS for all of you! Nikki has had a litter of 5 BEAUTIFUL Cavachon puppies! They were born on May 28th early in the morning. They are all healthy and well, and are all white and wiggly, too. They look just like last year’s litter, and so I’m sure that they’ll also get the peach colored ears and spots as they get older, just like last year’s litter did.

In this litter, funny enough, there is only one girl to four boys! She’s going to have a lot of fun with all her brothers!

I’ll be trying to get some pictures soon, maybe once their eyes are open. If any of you are interested in getting a puppy, just let us know (contact info here). They’re a little too young to start reserving them, but you should be able to in a couple weeks. At least now you have something to look forward to! 🙂


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