Another Litter

Hello to all the dog lovers and fans of Cavachons out there!

Here’s what’s going on…. I’m considering having another litter of puppies with Nikki this Spring. I would love to get some feedback on what everyone thinks of that idea! Post your comments below! With the last litter, I bred Nikki (a hybrid Cavachon) to a purebred Bichon (called a back-cross–see our About page). The puppies were adorable, and I thoroughly loved the experience. I was thinking that if I did another litter I would like to try breeding Nikki to a Cavalier stud instead of a Bichon. That might give the puppies some unique coloring. Well, I’d love to hear all your opinions on these matters, and comment away!



2 thoughts on “Another Litter

  1. I think you should do the exact same thing you did last spring. That is, breeding Nikki with the purebred Bichon. My cousins adopted one of your puppies and it is the cutest, nicest,sweetest dog I have ever come across. I already have a dog, so I am not interested, but I have a friend who might be!

  2. Thank you for the input! I'll keep that in mind! Stay tuned to this blog and I'll keep posting updates on what I decide and so on. Spread the word to any friends who might be interested! Thank so much! ~Sarah

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