An Update! (I always love them!)

With pictures, too! That makes it double the fun! You all really don’t know just how much pleasure it gives me to hear from people who have gotten a puppy from us!

Judy writes:
Hi! Well, long time no talk! Busy with Lola. She is doing great. She is out side all the time playing with the kids. Potty [training] well – avoiding outside poops. Well, that we are working on. Everybody that meets her loves her – plenty of babysitters. Goes to bed at 9 and still getting up at 5:00 – 5:30 but hoping it gets better. Got her first spa treatment last week with a hair cut so cute!! … Hope to keep in touch. Thanks so so much – we love her and can not imagine my life with out her. ~Judy

And is the picture that Judy sent of Lola just after her spa treatment. Isn’t she adorable!

Well, thank you again Judy, and I can’t wait to recieve more updates and pictures!

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