Hello everyone! All the puppies are either at their new homes, or on their way there right now (Phoebe, the last puppy, is flying to Oregon as I type). So far, we have Chickadee, now named Lola Petunia, in Massachusetts; Jay, lengthened to Cooper Jay, in Pennsylvania; Kestrel, renamed Cooper, and Lark, who I believe is still Lark, right here in Minnesota; and lastly Phoebe, soon to be Zeeva, going to Oregon. That’s all the puppies in litter 2012! I want to say a big thank you to the new families for giving our babies such excellent homes! I couldn’t be happier!

I wanted to post a couple pictures that got sent to me today by the owners of Cooper (Kestrel). By the way, I love it when new owners send me pictures and updates! Keep them coming! If you send me family photos of you with your new puppy, I can (if you’d like) post it on this blog so everyone can see them! Here are the photos of Cooper:

Cooper with new playmate Koda and new family!

Cooper with his new “siblings.”
Some of you have asked when we’re going to have another litter. The answer is: We are considering a winter or spring litter. So, keep your eyes on this blog, follow it, and/or Contact Us and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re planning a definite litter. Thanks so much everyone!    

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