Grooming Nikki

Hello everyone! On Tuesday March 20th, a little less than two weeks before Nikki’s due date (April 1st), we took her to the groomers to get her cleaned up and ready to have pups! Here’s some photos from the experience!

Very dirty and matted! But I really like this pic! šŸ™‚

 At the Groomers:

“I can’t wait to get cleaned up!”
Buzzing off Nikki’s “fleece.”
The bluing bath.
Getting blow-dried.
Fine-tuning buzz.
Trimming: Cavachon style



What a BIG improvement! I love the little purple bow!
All sweet and pretty to welcome her puppies!
Well, I can hardly wait for the puppies to arrive, and I’m sure that Nikki can’t wait to get them out of that big, fat belly of hers! šŸ™‚ More updates coming! Follow this blog through Google or email to receive the updates, or just keep checking back! Have a wonderful day!


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