Someone’s Getting a Tummy…

Hey everyone! I’ve got a great update for you all! Nikki’s getting a tummy! Not that she didn’t have one before, but now instead of being the blubbery “I-love-to-eat” tummy, it a hard, stretched “I’m-going-to-have-puppies-soon” tummy! A couple other great signs of pregnancy that we’ve noticed are as follows:

– Nikki has been lagging behind on walks, instead of bouncing ahead like she usually does…
– She’s been eating a lot! Not that she didn’t eat a lot before, but now she’s eating more than her usually “lot!”
– She’s been “nesting.” She now seems to be sleeping much more and just lazing around all the time in her bed.

All these are great signs that we’re going to have a litter of puppies in about a month (around April 1st, 2012–no fooling)! Check back or follow this blog for additional updates in the coming weeks! Can’t wait for the puppies!


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